Ozan Atalan


Heartbeat on a Dead Planet


In the installation, natural grass is planted in rich organic  soil and the screen (placed in soil) displays a looping video of grass moving in the wind. The obscured text `FEEL` starts to appear as the black panel is approached.

The installation addresses the significance of actual experience; not a simulated or represented one on a pictorial flattened screen. Actual experience, in relation to my understanding of reality(which is that resists representation in Lacanian terms),  refers to both knowing and feeling,  and integrity of body and soul using every sensorial capability we have.  The work invites the viewer to simultaneously experience the actual and the represented by juxtaposing both. Consequently, homing in on the anesthesia and alienation caused by the constant filter of the electronic screens, the work exists in the gap between what things actually are and how we perceive them.